UPSC Essential + Mentorship

UPSC Essential + Mentorship

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Upgrade to UPSC Essential from UPSC Basics

Upgrade to UPSC Essential from UPSC Basics

Course starts on 8th July 2024


  • Course suitable for UPSC 2025/26.
  • Comprehensive Coverage of UPSC CSE - from absolute basics to advance level
  • Covers all aspects of UPSC exam - Prelims (including CSAT), Mains and Interview
  • Phase Wise approach for comprehensive understanding with multiple revisions 
    • GS Basics → GS Advance → Prelims Focus Phase → Mains Focus Phase → Interview Focus Phase.
  • Complimentary access to NCERT based lectures
  • Personalised Mentorship Sessions - on demand mentorship
    • Mentorship support will be provided for 3 years.
  • Crisp value addition material to compliment your preparation
    • It includes answer writing workbooks, CSAT workbooks, notes, PPTs, etc.
  • Free Test Series included with the course (Both Prelims and Mains)
  • Weekly current affairs - lectures + material
  • Write with Toppers - Interactive Live Answer Writing sessions with past UPSC rankers.


Course details

  • Long Course with 15 months duration - mentorship and access to classes for 3 years
  • Comprehensive Course with coverage of Prelims, Mains and Interview - from basic to advance level
  • Live-cum-recorded lectures - with access to recording for 3 years
  • Study in phase wise manner:
    • GS Basics (Covers core subjects such as History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Science & Technology, Environment etc., Level 1 of answer writing)
    • GS Advance (Covers all mains syllabus in structured way - GS 1, GS 2, GS 3, GS 4 and Essay, Level 2 (Advance Answer Writing)
    • Prelims Focus Phase - Focus on clearing Prelims Exam (From January to Prelims exam)
    • Mains Focus Phase - Focus on excelling in the mains exam. (During Prelims to mains)
    • Interview Focus Phase - Detailed Interview guidance with DAF Analysis, one-to-one mentorship, mock interviews (online and offline mode), etc.
  • Complimentary access to our NCERT based course
    • You can watch these lectures if you find any difficulty in understanding the absolute basics
  • Critical Thinking and Critical Writing Module - Learn the art of thinking and writing.
  • Personality Test (Interview) preparation from start of the course only - build your personality along with the UPSC preparation - special sessions, activities and material will be provided
  • All subjects including Essay & Ethics to be covered.
    • Essay - special workshop on essay writing
    • GS 1
      • History (Ancient, Medieval, World, Modern, Post-independence)
      • Art and Culture
      • Society
      • Geography - Indian, world, physical+human geography
    • GS 2
      • Indian Polity
      • Governance
      • Social Justice
      • International Relations
    • GS 3
      • Economy
      • Agriculture
      • Environment
      • Science and Technology
      • Disaster Management
      • Internal Security
    • GS 4
      • Ethics - theory + Case studies
    • CSAT - complete CSAT from basics to advanced level
    • Current affairs - weekly current affairs sessions - from Pre+Mains perspective
  • Special Answer Writing workshops will be conducted for each GS as well as essay
  • Prelims strategy sessions - Time management, how to analyze prelims tests, note making and revision strategy for prelims, utility of prelims test series, etc.
  • Daily Practice Questions after every lecture will be provided
    • Both Prelims MCQs and Mains questions
    • Weekly lectures to discuss daily practice questions in Phase 2.
  • CSAT workbook - one stop source for CSAT
    • Includes CSAT theory, practice questions, detailed solutions
  • Mains AnswerCraft Workbooks - teaches you art and science of answer writing.
  • Short booklets/quick revision notes/ppts of each subject will be provided - to compliment the standard sources
  • Personalised Mentorship: How it works?
    • You can book a mentor session anytime you want. 
    • You can discuss all your queries with a mentor (strategy/planning/subject related queries/personal issues hindering your prep etc.)
    • Unlimited mentor sessions - book sessions whenever you want
    • Mentorship access for 3 years
  • Doubts Day - Every saturday, special doubts sessions will be conducted to address all your doubts
    • 10 AM - CSAT
    • 12 PM - GS
  • Our experts will also help you regarding your optional


Both Prelims and Mains Test series included in this course (without any additional payment)

  • Prelims GS Test Series
    • 30 Tests (15 Sectional + 15 Full Length Tests) - it will include fundamental, advanced and current affairs based FLTs
    • You can discuss your performance with the personal mentor assigned to you
  • CSAT Test series
    • 10 Full Length UPSC Level CSAT Tests 
    • Detailed solutions will be provided
  • Mains Test Series with Evaluation
    • 16 Tests - 11 Sectional + 5 Full Length Tests
      • Tests will include essay papers as well
      • All tests will be evaluated by our expert team
      • Detailed solution of each test will be provided
      • You can discuss your test paper with the personal mentor assigned to you
  • Detailed schedule will be announced soon.


Other features

  • Daily Practice Questions (DPQs) - based on topics taught in class.
  • Individual one to one mentorship → Zoom sessions → mentor will discuss your doubts as well as give you guidance based on your progress status.
  • Important value addition material will be provided
  • 10% discount on all future courses till 1 year.
  • Click here to watch a course explainer video

Fee Structure

  • 18499/- Only 
  • 10 % old student discount (to all existing students of
  • Learn with your friends - if you and your friends join together, special discounts will be given to all of you!
    • Join up to 3 friends together - 10% off to all
    • Join in group of 4 or more - 15% off to all
  • Note: Different types of discounts can’t be clubbed together. In case you are eligible for different discounts, the maximum discount will be given to you.


Who should join this course

  • Freshers who are starting their UPSC prep and need comprehensive guidance along with mentorship and test series or Those students who are finding it difficult to clear prelims in successive attempts.
  • Those students who need guidance for mains answer writing from basics to advance.
  • Those students who find it hard to do the self study and need a well planned course and personalised mentorship to make best use of their time.

If you have command over fundamentals - check out our UPSC Advance Course.


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