Sociology Test Series 2023 (12 Tests) with Mentorship

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What you get

A. Test series prepared based on UPSC CSE Pattern

  1. Questions prepared keeping in mind the changing nature of UPSC CSE‌‌
  2. Elements of a good answer (with examples).‌‌
  3. How to use diagrams and flowcharts to improve presentation with samples.
  4. Art of Writing Sociological Answers in Paper 2‌‌

B. Model frameworks for each test‌‌

  1. To help enrich your content.
  2. Current examples to build better understanding. ‌‌
  3. Detailed model solutions covering multiple perspectives.

C. Session on answer writing

  • What makes for a good answer in Sociology.
  • How to improve your answer structure.
  • Why adding multiple perspectives leads to better marks.

D. Discussion Sessions every week. 

To discuss doubts and checked copies. 

E. Doubts Day access - Till UPSC Prelims 2023.

F. Choose between 8/12 Tests for Sociology Optional‌‌

  1. 8 Tests - (4 Sectional + 4 Full Length Tests)‌‌
  2. 12 Tests - (4 Sectional + 8 Full Length Tests)


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Test Series Validity: 31st August 2023 (Tests can be submitted anytime till this date)