Prelims Excel Batch

₹ 100.00


Entrance Test Details

  • All India Mock Test: 26 March (Sunday) 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM

  • Course start date: 31 March

  • Course duration - 55 days

Course structure:

  • For those students who are doing self study - but need that extra push

    • Mock score in 70+ range (average) - if your mock score is below 70 - this course is not suitable for you.

  • Online e-library - over zoom - study together - watching others study will motivate (experimental initiative) 

  • Individual mentor will be assigned

  • 55 days plan with daily target will be given (you can also follow your own plan - if you want to)

  • Plan to revise entire syllabus twice

  • Accountability: Daily target submission in morning - Report in evening 

  • Special sessions on elimination tricks and application of general logic/common sense.

  • Renewed focus on maintaining temperament in exam hall (temperament building)

  • Priority topics with themes based on PYQs will be provided - to prioritize revisions

  • Community group - to discuss technical questions - MCQs, content given in books etc.

  • Progress tracking sessions - discuss progress with mentor + peers --> you can also discuss your doubts, test performance, etc.

  • Performance evaluation tests - every 2 weeks

  • If you clear prelims, a special discount will be given to you in our upcoming mains course/test series.

Selection procedure:

  • All India Entrance Test  - Rs. 100 entry fees (non-refundable)

    • Upon selection, 400/- will be charged as course fee from selected candidates.  (Total fees = 500/-)

  • 100 students to be selected + 100 reserved list

  • Non-performing students will be eliminated and students from reserved list will be added